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SpiraLynn (also known as Christy Sanford) is an award-winning pole performer and aerial artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has won multiple medals at the Atlantic Pole Fitness Championships and at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships. She has over a decade of pole and aerial performance experience under her sparkly belt. She specializes in aerial silks, aerial hoop, weggsphere, pole, and flying pole⁠—in fact, she’s the only flying pole performer in the region! 


SpiraLynn thrives on sharing her anti-gravity art form with locally and internationally. She has appeared on The Candy Show with Candy Palmater. She has performed as a solo aerialist at many Corporate Events, Fringe Festivals, and Music Festivals from coast to coast, from Future Forest in New Brunswick to the Shambhala Music Festival in British Columbia. She has also performed in Halifax at a variety of performing arts, corporate and charity events including: the Cunard Center, Halifax Fringe Festival, Tall ships and Spinning with the Stars and Live Art Dance. 


Her lifelong passion for athletic and artistic expression shapes her work as an aerialist. Her BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design gives her a foundational knowledge of visual arts and performing arts. Her background in competitive breakdancing and DJing informs her movement and musical choices. 


SpiraLynn is a dynamic professional performer who brings creativity and strength to every performance—suspended in mid-air, she’ll spin, twist, flip, drop, dangle, and dance before your eyes! SpiraLynn is available to be booked as an aerialist for festivals, special events, corporate events, and more. 


When she’s not contorting her body and pointing her toes high above an audience, she can be found instructing classes and training individual clients at inesS® Circus, the aerial circus and pilates studio that she owns and operates in downtown Halifax. She spends her off-hours with her husband, daughter, and French bulldog named Rocky. 


SpiraLynn is available for special events, corporate events, festivals and more. She can be reached at

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